Essential Egypt 5th Oct -- anyone else going?


Hi there,[br]I’m heading over to Egypt for the Essential Egypt tour leaving Cairo 5th of October. I’m travelling on my own and just thought I would see if anyone who might be going is up for a bit of banter prior to the trip commencing?[br]Scott


Hi Scott[br][br]I’m going on a tour that starts on 27th September, but apparently a lot of trips meet up along the way … so I may bump into you along the way, I’m also doing it by myself.[br][br]Tasha


Hi Tasha,[br]Have you done a Topdeck tour before? I have done Busabout in Europe so looking forward to how they compare. [br]Which trip are you doing?[br]Scott


Hi Scott[br][br]Yip, I’ve actually done two trips with Topdeck before, but around Europe and Scandanavia which were great - it sounds like Egypt will be quite different from those so not sure what to expect - but we shall soon see. [br][br]I’m doing the Pyramids & Beaches tour for 15 days starting 27th September.[br][br]Tasha