Essential Egypt 17/18


Hi all! Just wondering if anyone else has booked this tour over New Years?
Solo from Aus


Hey Victoria, I just booked this trip also!
I’m a solo traveller from Brazil! :slight_smile:


Hi Victoria,

I haven’t booked this trip, but am seriously looking into it.
I’m from Australia also, and would be travelling solo. I’ve never been overseas alone but have always wanted to go to Egypt.
Thinking I should take the plunge! What state are you from? I’m from VIC.


Awesome! I’m so excited :slight_smile:


Hi Mikaela!
This is my first overseas trip as well! So definitely take the plunge I think :slight_smile:
I’m also from VIC


Ahhh I’m so scared haha.
Have you booked flights and stuff and are you getting there early?
I don’t think there is a way to inbox you privately about this.


Hey Mikaela,

Yeah I just booked everything through a friend who is a travel agent. I get into Cairo the morning the tour starts, I didn’t want to get there earlier as I’m travelling alone :slight_smile:


I have just booked to come too! I’m so nervous but mostly excited!


Awesome! So exciting :slight_smile:️ I’m nervous as too! If you get the topdeck app we can chat on there!