Hi, I’m booked on the August 16th Trip, Just wondering if there is anybody else booked on this one! Im thinking about staying at the Umi Hotel the night before to tour starts…if anyone else has this idea let me know we might be able to meet up the night before…Ciao :slight_smile:


Hi Sue!

Yep I’m doing this tour as well! It’s my first time travelling on my own so am a little nervous I have to admit but more than anything super excited so it’d be great to meet up the day/night before. I’m staying at the Umi the night before as well so let me know :slight_smile:



Hey Rai, Phew I was begining to think there was no one else going on this tour…Yup I have to admit im starting to feel a lil nervous… will let you know my plans for the night before our tour…what day are you flying into London? chat soon :wink:


Hey Sue, sorry for the late reply. Just moved house and haven’t had internet for a few days!

Yeah I was pretty relieved when I found this thread, hopefully we can get in touch with more people before the tour starts. I fly into London on the 13th and am going straight to Bristol to stay with some family I have there before coming back and checking into Umi on the 15th. Yep let me know your plans when you finalise them…less than a month to go!! B-)