Espresso Italia 26 Aug departure anyone?


Hey, wondering who else is on the Espresso Italia 26 Aug - 2 Sept departure?


Hi Suz, I’m going to be on that tour, can’t wait! Have you been to Italy before??


Hey Eliza-Jane, thanks for replying! Not really, only Sicily for a day so that doesn’t really count :slight_smile:
Can’t wait too. What about you?


Oh, I just read your response now! I too was in Venice for a day. I don’t think that really counted either, it was 40 degrees and just not all that great or all that Italian. It was when I went on a Contiki all-over-the-place tour last year, which was great, but now I’ve gone over to Topdeck for something more in-depth! :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder who else is on this tour?? Are you travelling solo like me?