Enjoy Your Holiday With Jim COrbett National Park, India


Jim Corbett national Park is one of the biggest attraction and travel destination near Delhi, India. First of all I want to thank you CorbettExpert who was my tour operator. They provide me immense facilities available in the park. I have been there in last year and the experience that I have is amazing. It is the one of the biggest Tiger reserve in Asia over 250 Tigers. There are so many other wildlife species also in there for tourist attraction. Jim Corbett Safari is the one of the best thing that i ever enjoyed during my journey. It gives you closer look through wildlife animals lives. Believe me you will never regret on this trip. Because the way nature is here, it gives you life long memory. I am posting one of my safari picture here that i loved the most when I saw a Tiger.:heart_eyes:


I would rather prefer Ranthambore National Park over Jim Corbett.


maybe but in Ranthambore Dense forest view is not available. In Corbett natural beauty has different way. Even in Ranthambore only 80-85 Tigers but in Jim Corbett there are over 250 tiger. So better chance for tiger sightseeing. Choice is yours:hugs: