My tour is 20 days and I am wondering about bringing electronics. I plan on bringing my two cameras (DSLR - hybrid and my pocket camera) as well as my kobo (can’t live without books!) but have heard rumblings of bringing laptops or tablets? My worry is the weight and usability. Would I really use it?
Anyone who has traveled that used or did not use? Suggestions?


take one camera, your kobo and tablet, and take a powerboard with a europe socket. mind you u may not have time to charge everything all the time. and its you carrying your stuff, every where. so its up to you.


For eight months I have a netbook, and a compact CoolPix camera. When I get to Europe I will probably buy a cheap phone with a prepaid SIM.

However just three weeks will fly by without access to a computer, so save yourself the bulk. The same goes for the DSLR, you probably won’t want to carrying it around enough to outweigh the risk of it getting broken or stolen.


Take as little as possible, you will hate carrying it around everywhere… last trip I did I took a small netbook and even that was a pitta… by half way through I was leaving it locked up on the bus most of the time… This time round i’ll take the iPad as it weighs next to nothing and have a new compact camera… would avoid taking the DSLR, a compact is easy to put in your pocket or bag and weighs next to nothing… a lot more convenient!


can’t say about the DSLR i only took a small one with me. I took a little netbook and was gone almost 7 weeks. i used it a fair bit at places we stayed for internet access because it was easier than phone. Plus it meant i could back photos up on it every so often. if those 2 things aren’t important to you then i wouldn’t bother with it


Forget laptops/tablets etc. Internet cafes are everywhere, and some can be really cheap. My advice, take a small hard drive (preferably one that uses the computer as a power source eg; dont need to plug into a wall), and store your pics to that. I survived 6 months without my laptop on my first trip, it can be done, and sometimes its nice to leave all that tachnology behind.