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Just wanted to get an idea from those of you who are about to travel or have recently traveled to Europe and went with the ekit travel sim through Topdeck how it works. My plan is to use the sim for the occasional phone call then use facebook and skype when in a free wifi zone to save money, giving me more spending for necessities like beer!!! My understanding is the ekit sim is for calls and text messages only and won’t let u connect to the internet, therefore avoiding hidden costs? This is the last thing that is playing on my mind before i depart. Any advice would be a great help.
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Check out http://www.topdecktours.co.uk/content.asp?Document_ID=1049 for details of how to organize your sim card.



Hi Matman

I have looked at this as I have an iphone and want to be able to make calls and texts but also want to be able to use the maps available on my phone and maybe some facebook. The ekit gets very expensive when using data so I have unlocked my phone and as soon as I get to London I will be organising a Vodafone prepaid sim . The data rate is very good and calls back to Australia is very good as well from most countries within Europe. From what I have seen it is the cheapest way of doing it especially if you want to use data.


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Hey Guys!
I have recieved my ekit in the mail, and it says there is an option to connect it with facebook and it will update your status as to where you are. Does that use data? or is it just like a text message to your facebook… :-[ probably a silly question! Also, os the online travel journal as easy to use as it seems? I am not sure if my parents/boyfriend/friends will be able to access it if its not easy?
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