Ekit cards


Hi [br][br]Does anybody know about the ekit that topdeck mentions inthe pre departue info. I checked it out on the website, however it was a bit hazy on exact call costs. Has anybody used this in Europe? Was it any good? and how much did it cost to make and recieve calls?[br][br]Thanks


I’d love to know the answer to this one as well![br][br]Or if anyone used their existing optus mobile how they went about using it in Europe?[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


i used it and it was a rip off in most places. we actually got a card on the bus with a pin number on it and we just had to load up the money onto it from our credit cards, but i found that it was just a rip off… and at the campsite in Venice you can’t use it, you have to use their special phone cards…[br][br]i reckon dont bother, grab a calling card whenever you want to call home, if it comes to it, split the cost with someone else on ur tour and they can call home too :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


I think i might look into international roaming on my mobile. Anyone know much about this?[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


I’m with vodafone and i was thinking of doing the same thing as well in getting international roaming on my mob. My friend did a contiki tour and she used her mob but when she got to croatia she bought one of those cheap phones and used that. So if your staying in a place for longer than a month i’d say bother with buying a phone over there kinda like a cap plan![br][br]Otherwise i’ll be sticking to my mob and emails basically and then when i get to spain I’ll buy a phone card! But i say that now and prob things will change when i get there!!![br][br]Grand European 26th May 2009[br]


I think it’s something i’m going to have to do some investigating into. Definately need to be able to use my mobile on my trip![br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands [br]


hey ive been looking up phone options as well and ive found a really good option called gosim. You buy the sim card online at www.gosim.com and it costs $25 for a standalone, then $75 for a card with $78 of credit on it, which is the option I am thinking of getting. There are other options with more credit as well. This is all in Australian dollars btw. It is free to receive calls and messages, and only $.94 per minute calls and $.86 per sms (and it says $.55 per go-sms, i dont know what this is, perhaps between other people with a gosim?). Anyway this is quite cheap and includes between Australia and most European countries, plus between European countries themselves. I looked up global roaming and for my company you had to pay a massive upfront thing ($250) to unlock your sim…which seemed pretty over the top as I didnt think I would need that much. The clincher with the gosim deal is that the credit never expires…so if you have some left over, you can just keep it for next time you go overseas! Be that in 2 months or 2 years. You get the sim sent to your house (for about $6? i cant remember) so you can find out the number beforehand and tell your friends. SO yes all in all I think this is a great deal! Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Oh yes I forgot to mention, they also show you how to unlock your phone to put other sims in it if you need to do that, and it only costs $13 which is damned good.


It sounded like a really good deal so i had a look and apparently they dont have the service to call from Europe to Australia in Aus dollars???[br][br]Grand European 26th May 2009[br]



hello there! I got international roaming on my telstra phone. It cost lots to ring home (but this is the case with anything) messages were about 60c and picture messages were about $2! It didnt cost anything to put it on, and it’s still on my phone now but doesnt cost any extra! They just turn it on then when your in a differnt country it just charges you according to what you doing! oh and it picks up local towers over there so you get coverage pretty much everywhere!


it just wouldnt let me choose the option to call to Aus from Europe![br][br]Just said that this was unavailable![br][br]Grand European 26th May 2009[br]


Unavailable?! well that’s no help at all :frowning: but thanks for the advice nsilva[br][br]JoJords- international roaming sounds like a good idea. do you know how much “lots” is to call home?[br][br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands [br]


Hi all[br][br]I ended up getting a thing called travelsim from aust post it cost 40 sumthing dollars for the sim and you recharge as you need to (someone can also do it from home over the net for you) It works almost every where in europe. your mobile just has to be compatible with it for example check that it will work with your model phone, your phone needs to be unlocked, and its a good idea to check and see if your phone will work on the frequencies that they have where your going. compared to telstra to call australia it is a least half the cost, and travelsim dosn’t charge to receive calls (telstra does). The website is www.travelsim.net.au.