Egyptian visa question?


This question is aimed at those who are going/have been to Egypt. The Topdeck website says that, for Aussies, our visas for Egypt are to be “obtained at the border”. Is this true? Or should I be getting my visa beforehand?[br][br]Cheers


Hey![br]I went to egypt in february…You can get you visa at the border but i got mine before I went…If you want to get it before you go you have to post your passport to the egyptian consulate in sydney…It means you don’t have to wait around at the airport when you arrive but it also means you can get a multi entry visa…When i was in egypt i paid for a day trip to petra in jordan…because i already had a multi entry visa it meant i didn’t have to wait to get another visa when i came back at the end of the day…[br][br]So to answer your question you can get a visa when you arrive or you can get it before you go…if you get it when you arrive it means a short wait while your visa is processed and you’ll most probably get a single entry visa…if you get it before you go you will prob have to send your passport by post (unless you live in syd) which is a bit nerve wracking but it means you’re all organised and you can get a multi-entry visa if you plan on doing any of these extra day trip things…[br][br]hope that makes sense :s[br][br]have an awesome time! my trip was fantastic :)[br][br]p.s. if you do want to organise it before you go get the form off this website (