I just thought I’d come on here and write about my Egypt trip so everyone has more of an idea of what to expect! I went on the budget pyramids and beaches trip and it was absolutely amazing! Cairo was insane and mad, I went a day early which Im so glad I did as I went to the huge bazaar and just wanted around in what looked like an aladdin’s cave. The hotel we stayed at was INSANE, it was like a palace. and just down the road was a deaf KFC which was really interestin, they employ deaf people and the menu tells you how to order in sign language, its really cool! Our guide was a great laugh and we had lots of local guides as well telling us about all the places we saw. Loads of stuff was included which I was amazed at as the trip was SO cheap! Dahab is AMAZING. It’s along the sea and there are loads of colourful restaurants where you sit on the floor and eat loads and drink loads and smoke lots of shisa! we saw the most amazing temples and I met a great group of people. All in all I REALLY recommend the tour![br][br]If anyone has any questions about it I dont mind answering![br][br][br][br]Chloe


Hey Chloe,[br][br]I am thinking about doing the Egypt Express - not sure if the optionals are the same as on your trip but which ones would you recommend?[br][br]Margo


I did the nubian dinner and I thought that was amazing, we got to play with baby crocs and everything. It was a bit scary but cool. We had a boat ride down the amazon as sun was setting, then got on some camels to get the rest o the way to the nubian village, had a look around, learned some language and had this HUGE dinner. was well worth it! We climbed mt sinai as well, which was REALLY tough but was amazing as the sun came up and we were so high, took a lot of hours so climb though! Quad biking and snorkelling in Dahab were well worth it too! I would say most of the optionals were pretty awesome! Have a great time![br][br]Chloe


Thanks Chloe - will check which one would apply to my trip…[br][br]PS I presume you meant the Nile :slight_smile:


whoops, yeah the nile not the amazon! Yeah not sure which optionls you can do, Im just jealous your going, I want to go back![br][br]Chloe


Hi i am off to egypt in april and was just wondering about what sort of clothing will be comfortable but also culturally appropriate. I have read conflicting ideas about what is acceptable. Any advice willl be appreciated greatly.



Hi Kimberley,

I went to Egypt last March and had a blast. I stayed with a friend’s family which was amazing and I think about the trip everyday! Anyways, in terms of clothes I would stick with wearing jeans and t-shirts. No tanktops, no shorts. I’m sure there will be people on here that will say knee length shorts are ok or whatever but really, your best bet is to just pack a couple pairs of jeans. I basically wore college or fitted t-shirts the whole time and never felt out of place. Remember that if you are going to a beach, I would stick with wearing cotton shorts and a t-shirt over a 2-piece. Please don’t be an ignorant tourist by respecting the conservative dress code. Also try to hide tattoos. As a person who wears flip flops 365 days a year even I elected to wear sneakers while in Egypt for the sheer reason that the sand gets hot during the day, the walking areas aren’t always the cleanest, and it gets COLD at night.

I’m not sure if this could even be a choice for you, but try to avoid eating out as much as possible. I was lucky enough to have home cooked meals my entire trip except for the last night which, possibly coincidently, led to a nasty 24-hour stomach thing the next day. Of course this could have been bad luck, but try to stick to meals that you prepare yourself either in a microwave or a stove.


i agree with tequila love about staying conservative, but you really will be ok in the main touristy areas with knee length shorts. i spent about a month in total in egypt, some of the time being on the 21 day ultimate egypt tour. i advise taking at least one pair of knee length shorts, because i decided to pack lots of pants and other conservative items of clothing, and was very hot everyday! and i was there in january, which is wintertime in egypt. in cairo and touristy areas, you will notice tourists in short shorts and singlet tops, but when in places like aswan and the nubian villages you will need to be covered up.


here is my advice and experiences from egypt!
i have recently the 21day ultimate egypt (finished jan 2010) here is some advice, which applies to most if not all tours. i hope some of you will find it helpful :slight_smile:

we had two tourguides (one for the first 15days, and another for the dahab extension). our fist tourguide was excellent, he was an egyptologist, very knowledgeable and honest. our second tourguide i was happy with, but a few others on the tour were really dissatisfied with because we were unfortunate enough to have someone on our tour who was hellbent on making life hell for her roommate, and he was unwilling to help or deal with the situation.

one other negative - on our tour (most tours do this) you will be taken to an alabaster place, and a gold and silver store(in luxor) . DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE STORES AS YOU WILL BE SOLD FAKES! from our group, one girl bought a ‘stone’ tablet, a couple bought an ‘alabaster’ scarab beetle, and another bought a ‘alabaster’ elephant. before the end of the tour, the scarab beetle had broken, revealing that it wasn’t genuine alabaster, the day after the tour ended, the elephant and stone tablet were broken in suitcases while flying, revealing that they were also fake, the stone tablet being plaster. dont be fooled by the fact that they do a little demonstration beforehand, they actually show you how to spot fake alabaster products, and because they did this none of us thought to check if their products were real.
i bought several silver items from the gold and silver store, one of which was a ring for a friend, who took it to a jewelers to be resized, and was told that it probably couldnt be done because it wasnt real silver. i bought a matching ring, had it sized there, which did have the little silver stamp on the inside. please check for the little silver stamp before buying any silver items in egypt. please let the others on your tour know about these issues too.

there was only one other negative about the tour, and that is that all of the optional activities can be done for around half the price if you do them independently from topdeck. if you do the dahab extention (which is in ultimate egypt and is also an option for one of the other tours, cant remember which one) on the way to dahab you will be asked to sign up to the activities and pay before you get there. that is because as soon as you do arrive, it is easy to find the companies that topdeck use, and the activities are a lot cheaper. however i do recommend doing sinai and the scuba diving with the group, because i never found where you could book those separately. i did the quad biking sans topdeck (the one in dahab is a zillion times better than the quad biking you can do earlier in the tour - you will find the quadbiking place next to the little bridge, it has a shisha pipe store next to it) if your interested, do quadbiking in dahab!

all of the optional extras are great, my favourite being the philae temple - do not miss this one, it is incredibly beautiful, and was a highlight of the trip for me.
make sure that you snorkel, dive or both if your going to dahab. there are absolutely incredible reefs all along the coasts, including at the beach at the hotel(at the back of the hotel where you stay for the week, there is a little roped off beach, great if you have a spare hour or two). you can hire snorkels and fins at the hotel for around 50LE, but if you go into the main strip in dahab you can hire a snorkel and fins for 15LE a day (this was at one of the diving stores, cant remember which one!).

more tips:
if you are female and a tourist you will be hit on. alot.
bring an ipod and mini speakers if your doing the feluccas!
when shopping, the first thing you will be asked is what country you are from. they ask you this to determine how much to charge you, so tell them you are from tasmania (“it’s a little island off new zealand…”). we were told about this towards the end of the trip, and ended up being charged alot less for the same items we had asked about in other places.