Hi[br]I’m travelling to Egypt on the Ultimate Egypt 21 day tour - cannot wait as have never travelled overseas :)[br][br]Couple of questions - the books I have read so far have suggested to dress appropriately ie no bare shoulders and legs but every pic i’m seeing has women dressed just like that…I need help with my packing lol[br][br]I also have a tattoo on my lower leg of Nefertiti - can anyone help as to whether the Egyptians would be offended by this and therefore I should cover up or should I just leave it?[br][br]Thanks[br]Bec


with packing roll up your clothing into rolls so that you can fit more into your bag. also look at climate averages to get an idea what to pack and what to leave at home such as the following site[br][br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


hey bec, [br]Myself and my girlfriend went on the 21 day tour in march, had a great time, it was fantastic.[br][br]My GF had the same idea, with wearing things that dont reveal anything, but it all depends on yourself and how much you like to be “looked” at or how many offers you want, to be an Egyptian wife. [br][br]And yeah like boz said, depends on the weather, we went when it was their winter, but it was still pretty warm, a bit cold in Cairo in the mornings and nights, but all is good.[br][br]If you go, i hope you get Hamada as your tour guide, hes great! Very funny and he will show ya a good time. :o)[br][br]Anyway have a good one,[br][br]Adrian[br][br]…In Tyler we Trusted…


Hi [br]Thanks so much for the info, especially to Adrian - great to have an insight from someone whos done the same tour - my partner and I are also going in their winter.[br][br]Hmm the idea of an Egyptian wife is an interesting one - might just have to cover up given that I’m considering proposing in the hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings to my partner ;D [br][br]We book next week so I’ll look forward to finding out more about our tour leaders…[br][br]Thanks again


Hey bec, good too hear, its a good place to propose :P[br]How did your booking go?[br]Because im a Travel Agent i booked directly through London, i didnt find out my Tour Leader till i got to Egypt. Did you?[br][br]My guess is that you will either have Hamada or Raffik.[br][br]All and all you will have a fantastic time.[br][br]Just a quick “let-you-know” prepare for the Options, you will need (if you do them all) about 1 thousand Egyptian Pounds.[br]And also, when your there, in Hargarda the tour leader will say the people on the 21 day tour will stay an extra night, while the others leave. (coz they will be on a 15 day tour) and someone will pick you up. [br]We didnt like it (myself and my GF) and we questioned it, [br]later we found out that we were to be pickup by someone from topdeck, then later we found out that we would be going on Public Transport. So we didnt like that so we went with thwe tour the same night. (so in summary we lost a day in Hurgarda but gained 1 in Cairo before heading out the Mt. Saini).[br][br]Dont let it scare u tho, it was just a bit worring about the public transport back to cairo (8 hours)[br][br]anyway, hit me back a post i would like to know whats happening with ya, take it easy[br][br]Adrian[br][br]…In Tyler we Trusted…


Hey Guys[br]Im planning on doing an egypt tour next Jan and am wondering what they are like. Are there alot of young people on tour? How popular are they?[br][br]Im also thinking about upgrading to the 4 star Nile Cruise. What are your thoughts on this, is it worth it? [br][br]Any advice would be great. Im just wondering what they are like atmosphere wise and stuff[br]Thanks in advance[br][br]Jane


My partner and I (Australians) will be doing the Ultimate Egypt 21 day tour departing 10 December and would love some feedback, inc the felucca tour (how to combat lack of toilets, showers etc, we do love camping btw) and any other information inc tips anyone can come up with. We’d also love to hear from anyone who will be doing the same trip so we can get to chat before meeting/exploring/experiencing.[br]Cheers Bec and James