Hi[br][br]I was considering taking a short break in Egypt, maybe a couple of weeks. Looking to do a bit of exploring but not necessarily spend all the time on tours, maybe enjoy some time on the beach taking part in activities like diving. [br][br]I note topdeck does a couple of trips that may be suitable and wondered if anyone had been on these or any others, and can make a recommdendation?[br][br]obviously Giza etc are high on the list. Are there any other areas i shouldn’t miss?


Hi,[br][br]If you want to do the beach part as well, I would say Dahab & snorkelling in the Red Sea is a must. Other highly rated sites/activities are Abu Simbel (maybe with optional balloon ride), Karnak & the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, a cruise down the Nile is cool and a trip to Mount Sinai and St Catherine Monastery is awesome.[br][br]I also did a camel ride and the sand buggies - both great fun although the camel ride is, well hm, an interesting experience…[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


I definitely recommend the 15 day Pyramids & Beaches tour.[br][br]The first half is jammed packed full of visiting pyramids, temples, felucca cruise, etc, etc, etc & then you spend the last half relaxing & unwinding in Hurghada & Dahab where you can dive, swim, snorkel, etc, etc, etc … plus there’s the Mt Sinai climb if you’re up for it!![br][br]Awesome fun - wish I was back there already!!![br][br]ENJOY! ;D[br]


Hi[br]I did the 15 day Pharoah’s footsteps and loved it and I agree with the other replies, you can’t leave out a thing!!![br]I did hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings on New Years Day and it was the best way to see in the new year that I can think of. PLus the Quad biking rocked too![br]Definately go, its a cheap cheap country to visit, once you get there![br][br]Cheers[br]Danielle[br][br]Danielle[br]Aussie living in Uk[br]Mega European July 6.