Egypt Questions?


Hi everyone, my partner and I have just returned from Egypt where we did the Ultimate Egypt 21 day tour. If you have any questions or are thinking about doing this tour, I’d be happy to help. Before I left I did so much research but learnt so much more over there. If you’re unsure about booking, do it!! It’s a fantastic place and will change your life. I cant wait to go back, and if you’re lucky enough to get Rafek as your guide you’ll have a great time.[br]


hi me and my partner and his mum are doin the ultimate egypt 21 days on the 21 of october 07 i was wonderin did u do the quad bike safaries if so hw much was it and wat was the tour actually like[br][br]marina morris


hey bec[br][br]thanz for reply wat are the markets like are they good and wat was the nile cruise boat like is it worth the up grade and was the weather really hot there:)[br][br]marina morris


Hi[br][br]I am going on the Ramses Adventure tour on april 22-29th. I would just like to know if anyones been to Cairo, Luxor or Hurghada (as this tour includes these cities). I hear Hurghada is not nice but can someone tell me this is not true? Is there anything worth seeing whilst Im there besides the Pyramids/Spinx. Not sure what we should do, see or eat, in Luxor or Hurghada so can anyone recommend me anything? I’ve never been on with Top Deck, so I dont know what the service is like with them. Can anyone comment about them? I am sure they take good care of you though![br]Thanks