Egypt: Pyramids & Beaches (26 Dec 2015)


This will be my first TopDeck Tour and Egypt has been a childhood dream. Who else is on the 26 December 2015 to 10 January 2016 Pyramids & Beaches tour? I fly out from Cape Town on Christmas Eve and land in Cairo on Christmas Day.


@Alexis_Pillay Hi, how was trip and would you recommend it? I’m considering going but I wanna hear it hat people say about it.



Hi, it is fully recommended. I will caution the faint hearted though, it is an intense itinerary. If you only doing the first week be warned there is no rest. If you adding the beaches part I would fully support that since that’s the week you experience R&R. Together it was a magical experience and if Medo is your guide you will love it even more - see my blog post:



I was planning to do the beaches trip. Any tips?



You mean the beaches in addition to the pyramids preamble? The beaches on its own won’t give you much exposure to Egypt except for a beautiful hike up Mount Sinai, diving the Blue Hole and other fun activities. You’ve got to do the pyramids portion before. I did practically all the optional extras on the pyramid tour - one would think that “if you’ve seen one temple you’ve seen them all”! No, they are all unique - above and beyond the Great Pyramids the highlights for me were Philae Temple, Queen Hatshepsut’s complex, and Abu Simbel.


Yes the pyramids and beaches together. In what currency did you pay for the optional activities and was it all paying in cash?

How was the Felucca sailing, I’ve read some reviews and some people didn’t like it very much.


I just had US dollars (other people used Pounds or Euros) to pay for the excursions and then converted some of that (or withdrew) local currency as I needed - best to have local currency for small things and markets. On our trip we only sailed on the felucca for fun - we upgraded to a cruise boat for our trip up the Nile (was best money spent ever because you get tired of bus rides). The other thing that may alarm you is that when we arrived we stayed at the designated hotel but then were given option to upgrade to a better hotel - since I am always aware of security I was a bit unsure, wondering if it was a scam, but again best thing ever - due to bad tourist economy our guide was able to secure a good deal (the upgrade fee also included a number of excursions). So don’t be alarmed if that is suggested / but it completely depends on the guide.


Thank you so much for answering my questions. I might have more questions when I finally decide to book the trip.

Thanks :slight_smile:


No problem. We actually doing a Busabout Tour of Eastern Europe this Spring - looking forward to that.


That sounds exciting, I have looked into busabout but I haven’t heard much about it. Let me know how the trip goes.