Egypt july 2013



I’m heading to egypt in july next year and i’m trying to decide on what type of bag to take with me… this is my first trip solo so I’m a bit of a rookie, and need a bit of a helping hand in what type of bag to bring, what to pack, etc etc

I’m planning on doing the Ultimate Egypt tour if that helps, so it’s a 19 day trip that goes from Cairo down to Abu Simbel and then back up to Cairo then across to Dahab.



Hi Steph,

I went to Egypt this year in March. Any bag is fine, we took suitcases as did most of our group and then a backpack to use during the days. It was warm weather when I went, but i guess it will be heating up by july so definately take clothes that will cover you up, without making you hot.
Also there was lots of travelling by bus so make sure you take a pillow of some sort if you have an overnight drive. And some socks, my feet were freezing.

Make sure you always have toilet paper or tissues with you and keep as much small change on you as you can as you have to tip to use most of the toilets.

Good luck, you will have a blast