Egypt, Jordan & Israel - 25 March 2018


Just wanted to see if anyone else will be on this lovely tour :slight_smile:


Hi Janine,
I’m Hsin-Hsin, i’m also booked on this trip.
Are you set for VISAs?? especially Jordan, I think from what I have read so far on the forum we can get it over there for ~$60 AUD, instead of $200+ as quoted by FlightCentre prior departure.
Do you have any ideas??


I am in the process of applying for the Egyptian Visa but the Jordan and Israel will be in person. I don’t believe we can get them before that.


Hi Janine,
I’m so glad you responded, I read you can purchase Egyptian Visa when you land in Cairo airport for 25 USD (must be USD). Israel won’t need to apply for Visa w Australian passport. I’m only worried about Jordan. Are you certain that we can just get the Jordanian Visa when we are there?
I’m so confused and the quote from FlightCentre is so expensive.
On my past Topdeck tours, Visas have always been organised by the tour leader w no fuss.
Topdeck really need to spell this out on their brochure / tour inclusion outline.


From what I can see online Australia can get it upon arrival.


Thanks for the info, have you downloaded the Topdeck app?? There are few tour people checked into the chat room already. :slight_smile: