Egypt, Jordan & Israel 22 Apr 2018



I’ve just signed up for this tour, just wanting to know if there is there anyone booked in or planning to book in for this tour?

Would love to connect with some people for I leave :grinning:


I am doing this tour. Arriving late April 21st


Yay! Same :slight_smile: where are you flying in from?


I’m flying Vancouver to London then Cairo.
How about your self?
I saw on the app there is another 2 girls going. The app kicked me off for some reason and top deck doesn’t seem to be able to help get me back on. Good to know there is at least 4 of us though


I’m flying from Australia :slight_smile: I just downloaded the app and there is 4 girls listed on there so that’s good to know! Sucks you can’t get on it - hopefully they sort it, I never get notifications on this thing!