Egypt, Jordan and Israel Nov 5, 2017


Hi there, not sure if there is an easier way to do this but is anyone doing the Egypt, Jordan and Israel trip starting November 5th, 2017? Thinking of making a facebook group for us.

Also for anyone who sees this and has done the trip before, do you have suggestions for what to pack?


Hey, i am going on this trip with you, a facebook group would be a great idea to get to know who will be coming along with us and also for any important things we may be forgetting before we go. Looking forward to this trip not long now !!


hey, im also going on the trip.
i was just wondering if any has tried sorting a visa for entry into jordan from israel, or is this unnecessary?
looking forward to the trip
ps i dont have facebook :joy:


Here is the FB for anyone else who sees this thread -

Also I found as an Australian we can just get our Visa’s at the borders? I hope thats right because I haven’t got mine sorted otherwise. Top Deck wasn’t great with all the info…


I had the same trouble as there isnt alot of info about it but i was reading in a book if you cross the allenby crossing (or a name along those lines) you will need to obtain one before hand, so i decided to get a last minute one it only just came. I wanted to be safe other then sorry but it does cost a couple of hundred more then obtaining one in jordan and you will be short on time to get one back now!
Hopefully all will be fine as it is sounding like a few of you will be in that circumstance


A couple of hundred!?! I thought it would just be like $30 or something. It said if arriving by the northern border from Israel we can buy it there and thats the one we are most likely to enter through.

I wish top deck where more helpful. Contiki was more organised. I feel like we should have received a package or something with this info.


Yeah it is only around 60 Australian dollars to get a visa in jordan but because i got mine in Australia it cost me 320 :sob: I feel the same way, my travel agent said hopefully topdeck gives us more info and a booklet or something when we arrive…


Hi Guys,
I am going on this exact trip departing Cairo on 25/03/2018. So I just have questions regarding VISAs
Egypt- Pay 25 USD and purchase VISA at the airport when I land.
Israel- does not require a VISA.
Jordan- Should I just get it over there?? from what I have read on this topic, it would appear that this is possible, could you guys provide some tips??
Thank you


All correct, and Top Deck organise your visa in Jordan for you.