Egypt, Israel and Jordan


Good evening!

Is anyone else looking for later dates for the Egypt, Israel Jordan tour . . . Around the end of May/June 2013? ::slight_smile:

I am super keen to do this tour and then follow on to morocco for an additional 10days! ;D

Drop me a line if anyone is looking to do either tours mid year

Thanks muchly, dee B-)


I’m thinking about doing a tour at the end of August after doing one around Europe. I’m getting really frustrated waiting for dates to be put up for the next season of tours. I was told they would be up early January.

Which tour are you thinking of doing?

Gem :slight_smile:


Hey Gemma,

Apologies for the frustration regarding the Egypt trips not being up on our website, I can let you know that these will be up either today or tomorrow!




No need to be sorry :slight_smile:
I’m just very very eager to see whats going on this year!



Hey Gemma,

Finally booked today :slight_smile: I booked 3 tours … Moroccan explorer (16th oct), the Ultimate Egypt (29th oct) and finishing with the Jordan adventure (16th Nov)

Have you managed to book anything yet?

Dee :slight_smile:


Good luck with your Egypt tour… i am so sure that you will enjoy your stay in there… That place is so amazing and have lots of tourist spots to enjoy :slight_smile: i have been there a year ago and i can testify that Egypt is a fun place in contrast with what other people says :slight_smile: