Egypt Info!


Hi,[br][br]I’ve just booked to go on the Egypt Explored trip on 26th October 2008 - is there anybody else going on this one?[br][br]I am a vegetarian so was wondering if anyone can fill me in on what sort of food is available for us veggies over there? I know falafel and bean dishes are common but just general ideas would be great.[br][br]Also, for visas. I understand as I’m travelling from the UK that I just have to fill something out at the airport but have been warned if I’m on a late flight I may not be able to. Does anyone have any info on this?[br][br]Thanks!


I phoned topdeck and asked them about the “late flight” comment on the website, regarding Visa pickup, and the guy said that isn’t really true, and you can get them at any time (Cairo Airport, at least.). I am landing at the Cairo airport at 1:30am, or something like that.


Thanks for the info! [br][br]I’ve never been to Egypt before so if anyone has anymore useful advice then please let me know! [br][br]Is anyone else going on this tour? I’ve seen a few people on here going on the 18th October but no-one yet for the 26th


hey kiki [br][br]ive been to egypt bout 6 months ago so if u have any questions feel free to ask me. (not with topdeck tho) [br]eg. wat to wear etc[br]


Hi guys[br][br]Glad to see someone is going on another trip to Egypt :o)[br]I have one booked for November but have subsequently found out that that it is not a guaranteed departure! So now I am trying to change my dates etc.[br][br]Have you heard anything else about the Egypt trips with Topdeck? I have heard that it is really small groups, sometimes only 4/5 people?


It isn’t Guaranteed Departure just because not enough people signed up yet, right? I’m sure if that is the case more people will sign up soon.[br][br]The website said that the tour groups are up to 30 or 35 people, right? I think if they need a certain number before they say the tour is ‘Guaranteed Dep.’ then the groups are likely to need to be larger than 4 or 5 people. My guess is, depending on time of year, 10ish? I guess I’ll know in 20 days![br][br]I leave on August 2nd and get back August 10th. I can log on here and give you guys info about the tour if you want.[br][br]Mat


Hi Mat[br][br]Ahh, that would be great if you could let us know how your tour and everything goes.[br][br]Thanks soo much and have an awesome time!


That would definitely be useful if you could fill us all in on your trip! I’ve just checked the website and I think my tour has just reached guaranteed departure whoop whoop! [br][br]Lil_angie, I would appreciate any info you think is useful!!! What was the food like over there? If you went on a tour did anyone get ill because I’ve heard a lot of those stories and don’t know how much to believe! What things did you find essential to take? Dress code wise I’m thinking of just taking light clothes as I think it will still be warm in October but also a few extra things in case it gets chilly![br][br]If anyone is going on the Egypt Explored trip on 26th October I’d love to hear from you?


We are getting pretty excited now! We leave this coming Saturday, and it won’t come soon enough! [br][br]We’ve planned quite a bit, and think we have everything we will need for the trip, but if you have any info at all lil_angie, it would be much appreciated![br][br]I’ll be sure to log on here any let you all know how it went![br][br]Mat