Egypt in December 09


Hi All!![br][br]A friend and I are headed on the Beaches and Pyramids tour that starts on the 5 Decemeber. We’re thinking of doing a day or overnight trip to Petra during our days at Dahab. For those of you that have been on the trip before is there enough free time to do it this way or is it better to do the extention tour (it’s just a bit expensive for three days). Any help or advice or tales of what you did would be awsome!![br][br]Thanks[br]K


Hi darl,[br]i did the ultimate egypt in jan/febthis year… loved it!!![br]When you go to dahab (my fav place in egypt) you’ll have enough time to do a daytrip to petra but thats all i recommend. dahab is way to muchfun to leave! i was one of the party anmalsinmy group and theres a good nnightclub there and its cheap! if you wana no anything at all, my email is hope to hear from you:)[br]Megan[br][br]meganspeed


Hi[br][br]I have just come back from the Sinai horizons trip (flew back last night!)which spent 4 days in Dahab. Such a wicked place. I didnt, but 3 people i was with went to Petra on a day trip they booked when we got to Dahab, it cost $210 US that was everything visas in and out etc., a long day but said it was so worth it. But I agree with Meg, you wont want to leave Dahab![br][br]Ruth[br][br]


[br]Thanks for that girls!![br][br]Hey Ruth, do you know what company they did the trip with??[br][br]Thanks[br]Krissa


Hey[br][br]Me and a friend are doing the same tour and we were thinking of doing a day trip to Petra out of Daarb. We have already organised with the travel agent on a multi entry visa for Egypt. [br][br]We arrive on the 3rd December and are staying out of the hotel we depart from. when do you arrive, might want to meet up before the tour and see Cairo a bit more.[br]Sarah


Hmmm… let’s see, I leave on the same flight as you so you should know!!! I know you’re friend really, really well, so well infact you could say I’m her.[br][br]YOU DAG!!!