Egypt in August


Hello, I am thinking of booking an Egypt tour in August and would like to know how hot is hot!?! B-)

I am aware of the extremely high temperatures [v], but I was wandering if tours in August are made enjoyable or unbearable? Does the tour guide make any alterations to the daily routine to manage the heat? For instance returning to the hotel etc in the afternoon and making the most of the mornings and evenings? Is there plenty of opportunities to buy water? Any advice for travelling around Egypt in August would also be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: I am thinking of booking the three week tour around Egypt if anyone has any specific details about that trip in August!

Thank you very much for any information! I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you, Kate :slight_smile:



I’ll be going to Egypt in the end of July so weather will be similar to August. I’ve been in the middle east during summer and while temperatures can be very high, the heat is dry and not humid so it makes it more bearable. Just make sure when you’re packing for your trip to choose light weight clothing e.g. cotton shirts/bottoms and choose lighter colored clothing rather than darker ones. At night and early in the morning it cools down.

It kind of also depends on what kind of tour you’re taking. If you’re taking a more budget tour for example, some accomodation/modes of transport may be limited so they might not have air conditioning. But that’s ok, it’s not going to be unbearable, there will be a fan or something else to accommodate you.

There will also be plenty of opportunities to buy water… chances are that there is a local supermarket right near your hotel/s so i wouldn’t worry.

I personally haven’t been to Egypt so I couldn’t be too sure but I’ve traveled around the middle east and i was told that things like that are similar in Egypt by family and friends.

Anyways, what i’m trying to say is don’t worry :slight_smile: Topdeck has been doing these trips for years, i wouldn’t think they would put you in a position where you’d be extremely uncomfortable. Just enjoy your time!


Hi Lina,

Thank you so much for your great reply! It was very helpful, and it is great for me to hear that you are going in July, as I think the temperatures are fairly similar. Your tips about clothing etc were also great to hear :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy your trip, thank you again, Kate ;D