Egypt in April?


Thought I would broaden my query. Is anyone going to Egypt at the end of the April? (and NOT Europe LOL)[br]Cool[br]Chelle


After the second tour cancellation, I am now doing the Pyramids & Beaches tour starting on April 26th.[br]Anyone out there doing the same?![br]Cheers[br]Chelle[br]Only 20 more days!!!


me again! hehe[br][br]Just heard that there’s a travel warning for certain parts of Egypt. Anyone know how this would effect the tour, as we’re scheduled to visit nearby areas on the tour…[br][br]… just typical something like this would happen! Just getting things finalised again, after tour got cancelled (for the 2nd time)[br][br]Oh well, only 2 weeks out & counting!!![br][br]Chelle


I am going for essential Egypt at end of April (27). Anyone else is going at the same time? Let me know. [br]Robert


I originally planned to do Egypt Explored, commencing on 27 April, which was then cancelled so was put into the Pharoah’s Footsteps tour also starting 27 April.[br][br]This was cancelled about 2 weeks ago & I am now doing the Pyramids & Beaches tour, starting 26 April… 2 weeks to go :D[br][br]Chelle


1 week to go!!! ;D


Heyyyyyy I’m doing the Pharoah’s Footseps tour in October, and hearing how all your tours were cancelled, i’m getting a little spooked! I’ll be in America for 4 months before my tour, so if it gets cancelled while I’m there, i’ll be a little screwed considering i already have my flights booked and i’ll be in a foreign country…[br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


3 more sleeps & a bundle of emotions!!![br]Bring it ooooon!!! hehe