Egypt Express


hey there[br][br]Im going to be booking a egypt tour for december this year. I was thinking of Egypt Express as its cheap and does the places i want to see. Is Egypt popular at this time of year, and are Egypt tours known to be cancelled because they are not as popular??[br][br]Thanks


I e-mailed topdeck about cancellations but the e-mail bounced xx(


Hi there,[br][br]Im planning to do the Essential Egypt tour in December 2007. If that tour does not go ahead, I will do the Egypt Express. Have you booked yours yet? I am soon


Hey there[br][br]No, havent booked yet. I was going to do it at last minute to make sure it goes ahead… but got to keep looking at flights to make sure they dont go up. But the plan is to book it in october. I have lots of travelling coming up, so this will be if i have enough money,which im sure i will!![br]Let me know when u book something, and i should be able to go. Im not to fussed about dates/tour… just wanna go to egypt in december!!:slight_smile:


Sorry, me again!!! Just looking at dates, and beginning of December would be better for me!! And either tour is fine!!:)[br]


Hey there,[br][br]Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately the only tour I can do in December is the one starting 30 December (has to fit in with my other travel plans which can’t be changed!!). [br][br]I really hope that tour does go ahead, as otherwise I will miss out unless I can change my flights!!