Egypt Express


Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone out there has been on the Egypt Express tour? My friend and I are looking to book for the 9th june 2012. I noticed this tour was (budget) and included 2 nights on a 2nd class train, would love to hear some feedback
Thanks, Kellie NSW Aus :slight_smile:


I did this tour last year. What I didn’t realise was it made up part of another tour (Pyramids and Beaches i think) so some people leave on the way to Cairo for the beaches, with the guide. There were 9 people in total for it, very small tour! There were 4 of us left in Cairo and the hotel helped us a bit with things to do.
We didn’t end up travelling on the overnight trains in the end, we got to stay on the little van/bus (which is air conditioned thankfully!!) for that journey overnight making regular stops.
But the felucca was amazing, it was so much fun! Defiantly a huge highlight for me. The food they made on there too was great.
Hope this helps and that you have a great time!


Thanks so much! This helps alot! We have now decided to do Pyramids & Beaches on the 9th of June, should be great we are so excited! Do you have any advice on clothing? Thanks again :slight_smile: