Egypt Express- April 11th, anyone going?


Hiya[br][br]I’m doing the 14 day Egypt Explored trip but I think that the first half of the tour is with your tour. I’m looking forward to it! :)[br][br]Roxy


I dont know about accomodation but I think that some of the transport is cheaper - I think you spend more time on a felucca. Petrol is expensive in Egypt. Though it still looks as though its going to be an awesome trip:)[br][br]I’m getting in to Cairo a few days early on Wednesday 8th. I’ve been to Egypt once before but spent most of my time in Dahab (which is a lot of fun) and didn’t really see much of Cairo. I want to have time to wander around, maybe spend a day in Alexandira and and catch up with a few egy friends I’ve made. I’m also trying to decide if I want to spend 2 days in the white desert / Bahariya oasis (just outside of Cairo) but that maybe overkill :)[br][br]What about you? When do you get in?


Hey there[br]I’m going on the Nile Discovery tour that leaves on the 11th April also. I guess we must all be together at the start. [br]Can’t wait, one month to go!


The difference between the budget and normal tour that I took was that the budget one drove everywhere in buses while the normal one took a train and a cruise ship. Actually maybe the budget one also would have taken the train too… I am not sure because the Tour leader talked everyone out of the budget option upon arrival, and they paid the difference to be part of the normal tour.[br][br]The budget and normal tour usually go together everywhere while in the same city, and longer tours are merged with shorter tours when their dates and places are in sync.


Hey Mat[br]Just wondering, when you visit the pyramids do you have to ride the horses or camels to get over to them or do they take you in a bus? And I’ve heard the walk inside the pyramids is a bit tough going?[br]


hi guys, [br]i have just came back from ultimate egypt a few weeks ago (loved it!)[br]but i recommend all you guys going on tour, have a read on the topic “ultimate egypt march 22” on page 3. me and one of the girls from my tour have written everything that u need to know about it all. anything more u can think of, just ask