Egypt Express 4 Nov 2017


So this is my first solo trip to a crazy country that has “Reconsider your need to travel” on the Smarttraveller website.

Not worried at all Sarcasm


Hey I’m also doing Egypt express 4th November . I’m travelling solo.


Oh awesome!! have you been on a topdeck tour before?


No never. What about you? Where are flying from?


Ive travelled to Paris on my own and London. I’m flying from Brisbane what about you?


Cool. Heading off from sydney


Super late reply, but I’m actually fairly certain I’m heading out to the Egypt express tour on the 4th for a solo trip. The 6th is my b-day and the family’s too scared to head out.


Hey Abby,

My birthday is on the 5th so it will be a Birthday tour all round :slight_smile:

Not long now!


Hey what day are you flying in to cario? I’ll be in on the 3rd getting there a day early.