Egypt Express 31st Jan 09


Is anyone else on the Egypt Express tour starting 31st Jan? I am doing it by myself and it would be great to hear from anyone else on it 8-)[br][br]I am wondering if we share the same itinerary as another of the tours that then goes on to Dahab then we split off and go our seperate ways?


me and a mate are doing the beaches and pyramids starting on the 31st jan so id imagine we’ll all start off together!!


That would make sense. Maybe I should have added a few days in Dahab myself at the end! Where are you from Rimmel? I was anticipating a tour full of Aussies and Kiwis (not that it matters either way!). Are you flying from UK on 31st Jan?


hey yea me and my mate are from surrey, flying from heathrow on the 31st, going via zurich on the way to cairo as it was cheaper and meant we got there an extra 2 hours earlier…gotta get in as much holiday as poss! where u from?


I live in London. I’m flying from Heathrow on 31st but on the BMI direct flight. I arrive into Cairo at 16:15.[br][br]I saw your post about the student card; I have an ISIC card through work. I believe these are the most widely accepted discount cards and it should give you half price entrance fees etc in Egypt. [br][br]Are you planning on doing everything you possibly can on the trip? All the add-on and optional things?


ah cool thanks for the ISIC tip…think we’ve gotta head to STA at some point to sort that out! Yea we are thinking of doing most things, the only things for sure were not coz we’ve heard alot of bad things are the sound and light show at Giza and the farewell dinner cruise, apart from that we’ll play it by ear!


Hey Rimmel are you two girls or guys?