Egypt express 2011


HEY Everyone just wondering if any one is thinking about doing this tour next year Im thinking about going around May…:slight_smile: would be good to know people before heading over.


Hey MissyT,
My cousin and I have booked in to this tour departing on the 30th of April…doing an ANZAC tour with topdeck beforehand :smiley:


Hey JenM,

Thats ashame I think we are thinking of departing the week after on May 10th… But I hope u enjoy it! You’ll have to let me know how it went when u get back :slight_smile:


haha for sure…i think we depart cairo on the 9th:-) be sure to let you know:D


I’m doing Egypt Express from the 30th April too! Great minds think alike :smiley:


hey Katina101, thats awesome:) i’ve got another couple of london based cousins who have booked on the same tours…absolutely can’t wait…should be a blast:D


Hey, I’m booked in to do this tour starting 26 April - after doing the 10 day Anzac Day tour. CAN’T WAIT !


We must be doing the exact same tours…

R u travelling solo or with friends…


hey guys im going on the 4th june departure. anyone else on that trip? : )