Egypt explored


anybody been on this trip,im a bit worried about going on the train. l would have like to done a cruise and mt sinai but there are no trips that do this combination, any advice, what currency is best US$ or egyptian pounds[br][br]Thanks[br]Cazza:)


hey cazza,[br][br]well i went on this tour on the 8th April and seriously, it is soooo good!!! i loved it! the train is fine and you may still be offered an upgrade to a cruise once you are in Egypt by your tour leader. It will only happen if everyone booked on your tour wants to do it and it does cost about ?60 (pounds sterling) extra but if it does get offered and done ur itinerary will change slightly in that you catch a train all the way to Aswan (instead of Luxor first) then you cruise up to Aswan (3 nites onboard-all meals included)then catch a train back from Luxor to Cairo. so basically whatever happens you will be on a train… they are fine… just dont drink much b4 going on there cause the toilets are gross.[br][br]best currency to have is a small amount of US$ (for any upgrades that you may want and departure taxes and airport transfers) but then everything else you will need Egyptian pounds. i suggest about $200-$250 US and then lots of egyptian pounds especially if your gonna shop. i spent $1000 AUS so like $5000 egyptian pounds in the 2 1/2 weeks i was there and hardly even realised.[br][br]If you need anything else, just send us an email.[br][br]Hope this helps a little[br][br]Jess