Egypt Explored



Im doing the Egypt Explored tour in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if you can use a commonwealth bank keycard in the ATMs or does it have to be a cash card/credit card?

I was also wondering if we need a sleeping bag as we are not staying on the feluccia?




Hi Maddy,

On the Egypt Exlpored tour you stay in hotel accommodation so there is no need for a sleeping bag.

In terms of your travel card/travel money maybe contact your bank to double check which you can use in Egypt!


Topdeck Team


Hi Maddy,
I think we will be in the same group. I’m a bit skeptical about going after seeing this from an Australian travel advisory regarding Sinai:

Do you it will be pretty safe?




Sadly the threat of terrorist activity is now a world wide issue. There are travel warnings for a large number of destinations, but we do need to keep these in perspective in relation to the dangers of simply crossing the street. We have been operating in Egypt for a number of years and have not experienced any incidents. The Sinai is a large area, and the travel warning is more pointed towards the border area between Egypt, Israel and Jordan. This trip does not go to this area. No one can guarantee 100% safety in any travels, but given the large number of people who travel to Egypt, and the number of incidents over the past years, statisically the chances of being caught up in any incident are extremely remote
Dennis Jack


Hi Cherri,

I’ve seen this too but I don’t think we should worry about it TOO much. My friend went in May and she said everything is secure and she didn’t think twice about going. As long as we are careful I think we will be fine :). I can’t wait to leave!