Egypt Explored October 25


Hi guys, I’m going with a mate on the Egypt Explored tour starting on Oct 25, as well as a day trip to Alexandria on Oct 22. [br][br]If anyone else will be on this trip, would love to hear from ya and maybe share ideas. [br][br]Cheers


Oh we just miss you, me and five of my friends are doing the same tour on Oct 11!! Cant wait - 10 weeks to go!


Hey,[br][br]I’m going on the Egypt Express tour beginning October 17th! But we could stil share ideas if you like. [br][br]Canuck26


That’s a shame. I still haven’t met anyone that’s going on the same tour as us. Oh well…[br][br]I bet you’re all excited as I am. A few questions I have:[br]* in the invoice I got from my travel agent, it says we have to bring sleeping bags. Someone mentioned it was for the overnight train trip. Will you guys be bringing one? I might just save room and bring a pillow case. [br]* have any of you gone to a doc to see what shots you need yet?[br]* will any of you be booking into a hotel in Cairo before or after your tours? I’ve been given two options, Swiss Inn and Indiana. I have read reviews for both and leaning towards Indiana because of its location, though the pickup for the tour is at the Swiss Inn.[br]* For Jo-Jords, have you booked your flights yet? I’m looking at Singapore airlines and hoping for anything under $1800. [br][br]That’s all I can think of for now. [br]Cheers


Hello Again,[br][br]VITSSS, I’m currently booked at the Indiana hotel for October 16 - 17. I will be arriving in Cairo one day before my tour starts, so I’ll be in the hotel for two nights instead of just one. The hotel is definitely in a good location, and it appears that there is a metro stop close to the hotel, which can take you pretty much anywhere![br]For my tour, we spend two nights on a felluca sailboat, and one night on a train. I am bringing a sleeping bag, and a small travel pillow as well. [br]Funny you should ask about shots, I just got mine today. Because of previous travel, I only needed one shot (Typhoid Fever), but I would have needed both Hep A and B, and Polio. I did not need Malaria pills.[br][br]Hope this helps![br][br]What day do you arrive in Egypt? Do you know if your tour crosses over with mine? [br][br]Canuck26


Thanks Canuck. I’ll be going to the docs soon and getting my shots. Wasn’t going to get them this early but may as well get it out of the way. [br]Didn’t know there was a metro stop near the Indiana so thanks for the heads up. We’ll be arriving on Oct 22, going on the Alexandria day trip on the 24th and the Egypt Explored tour starts on the 25th so I don’t think we’ll be crossing paths unfortunately. I believe your tour ends after mine starts. [br][br]I like to travel light so I might not bring a sleeping bag. We get to go on a felucca too but it’s only a day trip and not an overnighter.[br][br]Btw, I’m a canuck fan too! Lived in Van for 7 months back in '06.[br]


Hi guys - im going to get my shots next week! Im getting Hep A and typhoid (which is together as one injection!) We are staying at the Swiss in for a night before and a night afterwards! We paid 3,000 for flights but thast only because we are going to Amsterdam first - we are paying over 1000 just for taxes!![br]I am so excited, cant wait to go shopping in the markets and bizzars and see the temples and pyramids![br]Im bringing a little sleeping bag for the train and for the climb up sinai! Also has anyone read aboput the train thing in the pre depature info? If you were booked on the first class overnight train they dont run anymore?[br]Are you guys getting your visa’s before you go or are you waiting till you land?[br]Jo


Hey Jo, just booked my flights today! $1750 return, but was hoping for something cheaper. [br]You gonna bring a sleeping back for the Mt Sinai climb? Do you need one? I’m planning to do the climb too.[br][br]As for the visas, I heard that when you land you meet up with the driver/TopDeck rep and he helps you with the forms. [br]We land in Cairo at 5:00am. I’m a bit worried that there won’t be anyone from Topdeck there at that time to greet us. [br][br]Where abouts did you read about the train info? On the topdeck site?[br]Vits


Yeah the train info is on the pre depature info - just go into the egypt part and pick your tour then click on pre depature info! [br]They say its really cold at the top of sinai while you waiting for the sun to come up!! Thats pretty cheap for flights!! If you make sure that your travel agent or you let topdeck know when you fly in they come and get you - no matter what time. Apparently all Egypt flights are at weird times through the night-we get in at 1am![br]We have go our visa’s already - we got multiple entry cause we are going to do the day trip to Petra! So exciting - its about 7 and a half weeks till we go!![br]Jo


So jealous. I was thinking of going to Petra but decided to exclude it from our plans. Since we’re not going in and out of Egypt, we’ll probably just get the visa when we land. [br]Found the pre departure info, thanks heaps for that. That pdf has quite a lot of useful info. And yeah, I’ll make sure topdeck knows when we’re arriving so someone can pick us up. [br]How do you feel about going on the coach all the way to Aswan? I’m assuming it’ll be a longer trek by road than by rail.[br]Vits


yeah we figured we have 4 days in Dahab so we could miss out on a day so we could go to petra! Im not too sure about the trin thing - i hear that the train is pretty bad to ride on even though it is first class! So maybe a bus would be better? Im so excited - 7 weeks to go!!!


They showed Petra on Getaway a few weeks ago. Should have included it in our trip. [br]Got my Hep A and typhoid shot the other day and the doc prescribe me malaria pills. Canuck26 mentioned he did not need it on an earlier post but I’m thinking of getting them. Will you be taking them?[br]9 weeks to go!!


your more likely to get run over by a bus that get malaria in Egypt - so my doctor says! I got my hep a and typhoid yesterday! You dont have to decide about petra until you get to Dahab - they just ask you if you want to go and they organise it for you - its not with topdeck! but your tour leader will organise it!


Sweet. Then Petra is definitely back on the list now! [br]So you’re not taking the malaria pills? Hmmmm, I could do without the extra expense.


yeah my doctor said not too woryy about it! Its only a problem in more tropical country’s! Not long now - so excited!!


Hi Everyone![br][br]I have booked the tour “Egypt Explored” staring on 25 October. I will be travelling with my friend and we are very excited and can’t wait to head over![br][br]Is anyone else planning to do any diving in Dahab?


Hi there! Im on the Egypt Explored on the 11th of october - so I just miss you! We’re not doing the diving because if you dont have a diving ticket it will take you the whole 4 days in Dahab to do the diving! Plus we want to do the Petra trip on one of our days in Dahab!!


Hey Monika,[br]Finally, I’ve found someone going on the same trip as me! I wanted to dive in Dahab but just read (from JoJords) that it takes 4 days to get the diving ticket. [br]But the quading, camel riding, and the Mt Sinai climb will be just as good.[br]Less than two months to go!


Hi - we actually already have our diving tickets so we don’t have to waste any time getting them![br][br]I have been reading alot of the other comments on various blogs about the train trip and I can tell you I am NOT looking forward to it…[br][br]M


yeah it sounds bad the train trip - hopefully we all get changed to the luxury coach - even though it will take longer? Can wait only 5 weeks till I fly out!!