Egypt Explored Dec 21th - HELP WITH TRANSFER INFO


Hi there![br]I?d like to know how the transfer from the airport to our hotel works when we get to Cairo? Will I meet someone from Top Deck to help me to pass through immigration? [br]Please, I?m a bit concerned about it, and I really appreciate any type of info. [br]I?m planning on taking the ?Egypt Explored 2008? starting Dec, 21th. Who is coming to join me?[br]:)Cheers![br]


Once you have signed up for the tour and purchased your flights, you either write or phone (I tried writing with no response, so I phoned: +44 208879 6789) and tell them your tour confirmation number, the time you arrive in Cairo, what Airline you will be arriving on, and your flight number.[br][br]Someone will be there to meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel. This service is included in the price of the tour.