Egypt Explored 8th April


Hi All,[br][br]Just wanting to see if anyone else is going on this tour.[br][br]Jess


Hi Jess,[br]I am going on the Egypt Explored (8th April) aswell. [br]Travelling alone so it’s good to know that I’m not the only one![br]Not long to go now… getting excited![br][br]Lana :slight_smile:


Yay ;D I’m also travelling alone. I’m arriving in Cairo on the 4th April and spending a few days exploring the city. If your gonna be there early it’d be great to have someone to check out the sights with.[br][br]Jess


Unfortunately I’m not getting to Cairo until the 8th of April. It would have been good if we could have explored the city for a few days before hand though! I have to stay back after the tour for a couple of days because I couldn’t get a flight home! [br]Where is Aus are you from? I’m 21 & from the Central Coast, NSW. [br]Did you get Single or Twin share? Have you looked up the first hotel we stay at? I think its called Indiana Hotel. It looks alright. Got a pool which we are gonna need hahaha. :)[br][br]Lana :-*[br]


Hey Lana,[br]I’m 20 from the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Yeah the Indiana looks good, hope the rest of the hotels are good. I’m booked in to twin share (I think?? honestly i can’t remember). [br]Jess[br][br]Only 28days til I’m on Holidays!!;D


Hey Jess,[br]YAY! Definately not long to go now! Can’t wait![br]Do you know how many people are on our tour? ???[br]I think I am twin share aswell… it was cheaper haha[br][br]Lana :sunglasses:


Not sure how many ppl are on the tour but when i booked there was 2 ppl already booked (one might of been you???) so there’s at least 3 of us.[^]


just wanting to pu this back out there, OMG, leave for egypt in 5 days. YAY!!


Hey Jess, Just me again! [br]My flights got changed so I will be there a day earlier now (Sat 7th) so it would be good if we could meet up and go exploring a little bit before the tour starts??[br]This is my email:[br][br]Not long now! YAY!![br][br]:sunglasses: Lana