Egypt Explored 11th Oct


Hi guys - its getting closer just wondering if anyone is going on this trip! So exciting!!


hey Jo i am going for sure! lol Hopefully other people will join us as well…4 weeks to go. [br][br]Phuong


Ha ha ha. Im sending an email to topdeck to see if the trip is full up or not! My friend has been reading her lonely planet book about all the stuff you should and shouldnt do - Im heaps excited now!!! Did you say you were getting in on the morning of the 11th?[br]Jo


I’ve been reading my lonely planet book as well lol. Can’t wait…I’ve been planning for this trip since primary school. I will be arriving in Egypt on the 11th around 1pm. what time does the meeting start that night?[br]


I rekon its starts about 7pm?


cool i will see you guys at the hotel…we can go out for dinner or something that night. (Hopefully i wont be too tired or jet lag and i also want a good rest for the next day) lol[br]Are you planning on doing all the optional activities i think i am because i don’t want to miss out on anything. Hopefully i can go to Petra as well.


Your jetlag shouldnt be too bad! I found when I went to Europe last year once you get to your destination (we got into scotland at 10am) go out do things for the day and then just head to bed as normal that night it helps alot!! I didnt have any jet lag going there - jet lag on the home is impossible to skip - I was out of sorts for a week when we got back!![br]Dinner sounds awesome!! We’ll be out and about most of that day so if you like we can come back to the hotel a bit before then meeting then head out after that for dinner! They say that Egyptians eat heaps late and that heaps of restaurants are open till like midnight!! I went and got some nice light flowing pants today (since us girls have to cover up!)[br]have you been shopping much? I should probably put all this on your facebook - lol!


and yes to all optionals I think too! I have budgeted for all of them! I wont be going into any of the pyramids though cause I have claustrophobia and I hear they are just long black bare tunnels anyway!


i havent done any of my shopping yet but i am just going to bring some loose clothes but in Dahab you can wear shorts and stuff which will be good because its going to be hot over there.[br]i wasnt going to go inside the pyramids either im planning on doing the camel ride and get the nice pyramid background. [br]Has topdeck replied to your email regarding anyone else on the tour?


yeah they said that its not full yet but there a few people on it! So I dont know exactly how many![br]I think I have everything organised. I think Im going to change some money into american to pay for the optionals and the local payment - they say egyptian money is quite hard to change so th least I have to use the better I think!


yeah i am exchanging my money at a closer date just waiting for the aus dollar to go up abit. Are you bringing a money bag? do you think we will need one? I am so disorganised!!1 lol


Im just using my satchel bag I used in Europe last year, I think if you are careful and weary of your bag then you should be fine! Just remember to take photocopies of our passport and keep one in your suitcase and one at home just in case!!


yah - off to egypt tomorrow!! let you know how it was when we get back!