Egypt Encounter


Hi All,[br][br]Well since i’m leaving in 49days i thought i’d see if anyone else has booked this tour, departing 8th April. I’ll be in Cairo from the 4th by myself so it’d be great to get in contact with someone b4 I get there. Also good to here any feedback from others who’ve done this tour.[br][br]Jess


Im not… sorry… but i m definetly looking at doing this tour in September… any advice from people would be great! How much spending money do u think you will need??[br][br]sally


Hi[br]I am going to Cairo on 22 April, on the Ramses Adventure tour. Can you let me know how Cairo was please? cant wait to go[br][br]Sonik




does anyone do the egypt packages? doesnt seem very popular… im planning on oct 21 2007. hopefully i am not the only 1 on the trip…


i have booked for egypt explored for october 28th, i’ve tried to go twice last year and both tours didn’t have enough people[br][br]if l don’t go this year l give up!!!


are u serious? so they cancel the tour if they dont get enough people? thats what i fear because my plane ticket to egypt from JFK is going to cost me 1k and it will probably be non-refundable. [br][br]when do they tell u that it is cancelled?


they need to tell you 6 weeks before your tour because that’s when you need to pay full payment[br][br]lm not going to pay the final payment until l know its guaranteed. l keep checking the trip finder to see if they are guaranteed the july trips for egypt explored are guaranteed dept.[br][br]for both of the trips l lost the taxes on the airfares but got full refund on the tours because they could not offer me an alternative tour that l wanted. l would not pay the airfare but l have to pay it next week so l have no choice.[br]regards Carol


Hey Guys[br]I did the 21 day Egypt tour in Jan/Feb of this year and I was so worried about it being cancelled too. Don’t worry too much because alot of people book the Egypt tours at the last minute or they don’t know about the forums. [br]On my trip there was a couple that had only booked 3 days before coming. As well sometimes 2 trips run together so that way they can guarentee that both will go there’s just a slight difference in the later part of the itinery.[br]As well as that I know they can run the tour with as low as 2 people so chances are it won’t get cancelled.[br]Ring Top Deck or get your travel agent too if you are worried. They can give you an approximate number. The only thing is they can only tell you who has booked from Australia so there very well may be others from the UK, US and Canada, and other countries like on my tour.[br]Dont Worry you’ll have a fantastic time.[br]It was one of the best places I have ever been


thanks for the feedback…[br][br]im still concerned because it really doesnt look like many travellers are interested in egypt. even top deck’s site doesnt really focus on the egypt packages, which i think is a shame. cause it makes a potential traveller a bit weary. [br][br]i guess ill have to give top deck a call and figure out what to do. [br][br]thanks again for the info


for what its worth i think im going to go with intrepid travel instead of top deck. intrepid’s got 2 egypt trips very similar to top deck. they call them “discover egypt” and “egypt explorer”. their website is so much better with so much more detail and information and also shows you available bookings. [br][br]i just talked to someone who went on the discover egypt and she loved it.[br][br]just throwing this out there to help those looking into egypt packages since top deck doesnt seem very focused on the egypt market.[br][br]


Just an addition to this topic. I think the Egypt trips are done by many people they just don’t get on the internet and discuss it as much as the Europe ones, as they obviously have alot more Euro options. [br]I’m sure Intrepid is great just remember they are alot more basic and more grassroots type travel. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. [br]The hotels you stay at on Top Deck can be fantatstic, some 4/5 star which is nice in Egypt. They are in great locations too. I can tell you at the end of the day it’s nice to go back to your hotel and relax and be able to shower in a clean bathroom. They also have the option of upgrading to the 5 star Nile Cruise which in the middle of Summer (June-Sep) or middle of Winter (Dec-Feb) is ideal. The temps on the feluccas can be extreme at those times and from what my friend told me about here felucca experinec in winter is was unbearably cold and not alot to do because it gets dark in Winter at 4 in the afternoon.[br][br]Also majority of the people on my Egypt tour (at least 12) didn’t even know the forums exsited…[br][br]I’m sure you’ll have a great time whatever you do. Egypt is absolutely fantastic