EGYPT: Egypt Explored


I’m doing Egypt Explored with 2 friends at the end of this year. Dates are: 16 Dec 2007 - 29 Dec 2007. Just wondering if anyone has been on this tour, or any other TopDeck Egypt tour.[br][br]I’d love to hear from you, especially any recommendations, highlights, tips and things to look out for. I can’t wait for this :D[br][br]My email is[br][br]Thanks! :slight_smile:


anyone? :frowning:


yeah i did this one, i think… if its the one that goes out to Dahab, its awesome! If u get offered it when u start ur tour i highly reccommend upgrading to the nile cruise! amazing! Also entrance fees are not included but definately go to all the temples and sites available. even if ur feeling like u never wanna see another temple in ur life u have to go, they are all awesome!! some ppl on our tour didn’t go into a few and they really missed some excellent temples.[br]Also at the egyptian museum its an extra 100 egyptian pounds to see the mummy room, u have to go in, its only got like 10-14 mummies but its soo cool seeing them.[br]hope u have a blast![br]Oh and Dahab is amazing![br]Jess


22 days bumppppp[br][br]IS anyone on this forum doing this tour?