Egypt Dec 2010


Hi…I am thinking of going on a Egypt tour in December and was wondering whether anyone else doing the same?


Hey, I am looking at doing Egypt early next year with Topdeck, so not quite December but would love to hear from anyone who has done a Topdeck Egypt tour. I really want a knowledgeable guide and found that my guide on another tour really had no clue and had not even been to the places before…hoping it’s not the same with Egypt!!


Hey =) I’m actually thinking of doing the Nile Discovery starting on December 5. Although I need to make my decision soon…


I highly recommend Egypt Express and the Nile Discovery and the Pyramids & Beaches. I did it all in Jan this year and have since been back in April and September and going back in Jan for a few months as i have made so many friends there and have been invited to a wedding. Egypt was never on my ‘TO DO LIST’ but now i love the place. Such a different culture and so much to learn. If you get a chance to visit Dahab or Sharm El Sheik along the Red Sea try and go as this was never our plan and we extended our tour as we made so many friends on Top Deck that were also going here and had the time of our life. Feel free to ask me any questions.


Have always dreamed of oneday going to Egypt and it has just seemed to have happened out of nowhere, as my housemate had decided to go in Jan and now I am as well.

Pretty much have no idea what to expect…
Weather, clothing (do you have to be fully covered in same places) , money, food (for a vego/vegan).
Places to visit before/after, if wanting to extend trip (or other countries etc).
And most likely a million other things I have forgotten.




Hi there - ill add my two bobs! Most places you should be conservatively dressed so as to not offend the locals - plus you dont want to attract any attention to yourself! I just wore those light cottone pants and t shirts, or 3/4 shorts - it is hot pretty much all the time but the night does cool down nicely! In Dahab you can get away with wearing singlets and skirts (its a little touristy beach side town) They have lots of vego options - koshary is so delicous - Im still hunting somewhere I can get it here in Aus - it pasta, lentils chickpeas, garlic oil tomotoe spice sause and fried onion. You wont get this food on the tour but just have a look in the markets or ask your tour leader! The food on the boat on the Nile and in some of the places you stay isnt that good - brach out and find something more traditional!
Hope you have a blast - Egypt was amazing - we took 4 friends with us (6 all up) and it was the best!


[size=3][color=0000ff]Hey I’ve booked myself in the for Pyramids & Beaches tour which starts next Friday 26 Nov 2010.
Did you end up booking a Topdeck tour for Dec??
cheers Tash =D[/color][/size]