Egypt by myself


Hi there,[br][br]I am planning on going on a tour of Egypt in December 2007. Is it safe for a girl to travel by herself on these tours? Im not so worried about the tour, but before and after the tour ends I will be by myself?! has anyoen done this in Egypt, and if so, how was it?![br][br]thanks


Hey,[br][br]Im also going to be doing it alone!! Bit worried, but heard to firstly wear a wedding ring and tell them your married. But any other tips would be great!![br][br]Sally


Yep, have to get that wedding ring sorted :slight_smile:


the people in Egypt are really friendly. When they tease the girls, it’s all in good fun. Honestly, if a girl was the aggressive one and started hitting on your typical Egyptian guy, they would probably be too embarrassed to do anything ~ or wouldn’t know what to do.[br]Crime is very low. We walked down some very dodgie alleys and never felt unsafe.[br]The street vendors are very aggressive with their selling tactics. They have to be because there are so many of them competing for your money.[br]After a few days, you will develop tough skin and ignore them and walk down the street in peace. Just don’t be rude to them. They have all kinds of tactice to get a conversation going with you…the longer you stay and talk - the better the odds you will buy something from them. Some people will walk up to with a handful of euro coins and ask you how much they are worth…I always acted ignorant, pretended I didn’t speak english and and held my hand out as if they were giving them to me.[br][br]


Hey there Shezza. Just wondering if you have booked anything yet for december?? And which tour/date??[br]Sally


Hey, i’m going in January - you guys should all go then! :slight_smile: I’m a single female, also…


Yep, Im going in January too gurlz. Would be great to travel with another kiwi gurl if anyone is interested [^]


Nudgeeeeeeeeeeeeeee[br]Anyone there ?


I think that I will be booking the December 28th tour. I just can’t decide between Contiki and Top Deck!!!