Egypt age range and solo travel


Hi all,[br][br]I’m thinking about going to Egypt solo, since my travel companion has dropped out of our trip. I like the itinerary for Topdeck’s Spirit of Egypt tour, but I’ve never taken a tour alone.[br][br]Those of you who have taken tours with Topdeck, particularly to Egypt - would you mind sharing your experiences as to the age range of the people on the trip (I’m a 30-year-old female) and the number of solo travelers on board? It’d help to know I won’t be the freak of the tour.[br][br]Any other suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks a lot![br][br]Melissa


In the tour I was in there were a mixture of people. There were some girls travelling on there own and two couples and three male friends travelling together. I think that you would need to be very careful being on your own in Egypt though but asking this question on the forum shows that you have thought about this. [br][br]The ages of the people in the group was also a mixute. tThe peoples ages ranged from people in their 20’s until mid 30’s. [br][br]The tour I did the group mainly kept together even in our free time. I have done other topdeck tours too and the single person is definitly not seen as a freak, most groups i think, are very friendly who want to have a good time on their well deserved holiday.[br][br]I think that if you dress appropriately and respectfully and stay in a group with the tour, you will have a brilliant time. [br][br]Hope this helps[br][br]lweasel


Hi Melissa[br][br]I went to Egypt with my fiance in Feb 06. Of the group there were a few solo travellers as well as the usual friends and couples. When you book a tour which involves lots of “together time” on trains and buses you’ll make friends easily so I wouldn’t worry about going by yourself. Most people a very accepting of solo travellers and will try and make sure you’re included. [br][br]Average age of travellers was between early twenties to early thirties though we were told by our guide that the last tour he had included 2 gents in their 50’s who had more energy then the younger travellers.[br][br]I can highly recommend Egypt. It’s safe to wander around by yourself. There’s plenty of armed police everywhere (don’t let that put you off…it’s not you they’re trying to discourage) and the only thing to worry about is whether someone’s going to try and rip you off. [br][br]We were told, visit Egypt with no expectations and you’ll love it.[br][br]Hope this helps.[br][br]Al


Thanks so much to both of you for your responses! They’re really really helpful. I think I may just go ahead and request some vacation time today. :sunglasses: