Egypt Advice


Hey Guys[br][br]I just got back from my Ultimate Egypt tour and it was fantastic. One of the best places I have ever been. If you have any questions or want to know any tips I am happy to help you out.[br][br]Or you can email me at[br]Have fun![br][br]Jane :slight_smile:


hey jane, [br]i have heaps of questions bout egypt but the main ones are…[br]am i able to take a suitcase on wheels? i am stopping in egypt on my way to the uk where im spending about 7 months so il hav a fair bit of stuff… do u think that’d be a problem?[br][br]also clothing is another big issue for me. can i get away with top n shorts just above the knee? im going in aug when its really hot so yeah im worried about havin to wear long sleeve shirts n pants.[br][br]also il be 24 when the tour start n travellin by myself, so im a bit worried about security as ino the men can hassle western women sometimes, were u ever concerned bout safety? is the trip leader with u alot?[br][br]lastly (!) i know im the only person on my tour so far n am a bit worried- how many ppl were on ur tour? guys? girls?[br][br]thanks ur an angel if u get through all those!![br]casey


Hey there[br]Im thinking of doing a Egypt tour (only 8 days though) In October this year. I basically have the same questions as Miss fifty… How many people go?? Would it get cancelled?? Age of people on tour?? How much money a day would you reccoommend??[br][br]Sally


Hey Guys[br][br]You could take a suitcase on wheels but as little or small as possible is best as it helps when they load bags on and off the roof of the bus as well as on and off trains, feluccas and cruise boats. If you are worried about liggage maybe bring a smaller suitcase and an extra carry bag with stuff for london in it. You can then leave your extra carry bag at the Indiana Hotel in Cairo while you travel around and then collect it at the end. It’ll be safe there and you dont have to worry about not having anough space or having a too big bag.[br][br]In terms of clothes I think shorts below the knee are better. Its a bit more respectful to the culture and you won’t stand dout as much. Shorter shorts in places like Hurghada and Dahab would proabbaly be okay because they are bit more western. [br]We sometimes saw people wearing singlets and short skits around and it just didnt look right. They really stood out and it looked very unnecessary. You could always bring a sarong or something you could tie around your waist for occasiosn where you might want to look inside a mosque or soemthing. [br]Short sleeves are fine though. I wore tshirts everyday and it was fine . In the more western places you could probabaly wear sleeveless tops okay. [br][br]I am 24 and did my tour alone but it was fine I was not worried about security and sometimes even ventured out by myself. Egypt feels very safe and there are alot of tourist police around too so [br]if you have a problem you can always find help. [br][br]My tour had 12 people for the first 2 weeks and 5 for the third week. There were about 5 guys and 7 girls. Ages ranged from 18-39. Everyone got along really well and our tour leader was fantastic too and hung out with us alot. It was alot of fun.[br][br]I heard that tours can run with as low as 2 people but its still early days yet and people can book right up until the day before departure. We had a couple on our tour that booked 3 days before so I’m sure you will get more people book and I’m sure August is a popular time. [br][br]Egypt is one of the best places I have ever been and I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I did. I can’t wait to go back again.[br][br]I hope this has helped a bit and if you have any more questions feel free to ask.[br][br][br]Jane :)[br][br][br][br]p.s Egypt is really cheap and you could get by on as little as $15-20 a day depending on how much you like to shop :)[br][br]


thanks soooo much jane, u eased my fears alot!! [br]just a few more quick questions did u get sick from the food n also what did ur tour do in the evenings? im doing just an 8 day tour n by looking at the itineray it doesnt seem to have any dinners included so i was just wondering do u go out with tourmates to eat or hang out at the hotel? [br][br]thanks heaps


hey there[br][br]Thanks for the info!! Wow… thats not many people!!! would rather like 30-40 people better!!! Still want to do it though… as thinking contiki but they are double th price!! i still have 6 months to go anyways to decide!! thanks for the info again:)[br][br]sally


Hey miss fifty[br][br]I was pretty careful with food so didnt really get sick. Just be really careful about water, only drink bottled water and drinks with no ice, and also I also stayed away from slad that wasnt cooked. [br]As long as you bring stuff like maxalon (for vomiting) and lomitol, immodium etc (for diorhhea) you’ll be fine even if by some chance you get sick you can clear it up pretty quickly. 8 days isnt that long so you will proabably be fine.[br]Oh and also bring baby wipes and hand sanitizer like aquium or purel to clean hands where vthere is no tap. Both always come in handy.[br][br]Even though you don’t have many included dinners you’ll probabaly go out into town with your group and have dinner together and most of the time you can hang out after…unless you have an early morning (i.e. for abu simbel) then most people will crash ealry…it all depends on your group though…[br]Im sure you’ll have a great time though and Top Deck is a great company,…If you get Rafik or Hamada you’ll be in good hands…they’re both great tour leaders :)[br][br]Jane


Hi Jane[br] [br]I got your email from Top Deck forum. I’m emailing you as I have a few questions about Egypt ( I hope you don’t mind). I am going on April 22nd to 29th, on the Ramses Adventure tour (Cairo-Luxor-Hurghada). Can you tell me what the hotel was like in Cairo (I think its called Indiana?). If you have been to the other places, can you tell me what their hotels were like? Thanks for the advice about food consumption and taking wipes/sanitizer, as per the forum. Much appreicated. Are there any things worth seeing in Luxor or Hurghada? or maybe doing the optional tours? if you have been to these places that is. I may be thinking of riding a camel, have you tried that? :slight_smile: If you ate at any of the hotels or restaurants, can you tell me what they were like or recommend/avoid places? Do you think a wheely suitcase is ok? I cant carry a pack back, so would really prefer a wheely suitcase and also think i take a ruck sack during the day. Are there shops near the hotel to buy water, snacks etc? Can Top Deck tell me how many people are going nearer the time? I presume so.[br] [br]I think that’s all.[br]thanks


thanks for all ur advice jane!!! very very helpful! i cant wait to go to egypt now.[br]cheers,[br]casey