Egypt 2010 brochures


Could someone from admin please let me know when the Egypt 2010 brochures will be released?[br][br]I’m hoping to go on the Ultimate Egypt tour December next year but need to start planning soon so I can organise to get leave from work.


Hi Lauren,[br][br]I’m not from admin but I had this same issue last year and from what I recall the new brochures come out around early October. I just kept stalking my local travel agent until I got my hands on it!![br][br]Have a great time planning your trip. Egypt is what I would love to do next![br][br]Take care,[br]Raina


i emailed topdeck and they told me october - so im banking on november so i don’t get my hopes too up[br][br]i’m looking both egypt and eastern europe next summer. can’t stop taking these tours :slight_smile: there just so fun![br][br]have done europe unplugged in july of 08 and alps and matadors in june of 09[br][br]looking to do egypt express and athens to london[br][br]Europe Unplugged 7/08 * Alps & Matadors 6/09 * Hopefully Athens to London and Egypt Express 7/10 :slight_smile:


Thanks! I thought they would probably be coming out within the next month or two but wasn’t sure seeing as the tour dates in the 09-10 brochures and on the net were until april…[br][br]I can’t wait! Egypt over Christmas should be awesome :slight_smile: