Edinburgh Special!


Hey guys! [br][br]Anybody doing the edinburgh special? ???[br][br]Im doing this after i finish the grand european tour (19 June - 16 Aug)?[br][br]Emma8-)[br][br]Off to Europe in June!


Officially called the “4 Day Edinburgh Mini-Break”[br][br]:D[br][br]Off to Europe in June!


I am going on this trip after i finish my European Getaway tour (June-July).


Yep, I’m doing it to fill in the time before my busabout and Bravo Italia tour start. Going on the 24th April (i think??) ;D


hey,[br]myself and two other friends are going on the Edinburgh trip from 23rd July after we get back from the summer fun and sailing tour…[br][br]ANYONE ELSE GOING THEN??? [br]we would love to chat to others doing either tours with us.[br][br]:)EMMA:)[br][br][br]Emma


I’m doing this trip on the 21st of August, after my European Getaway trip (July-August).[br][br]After that I’m off to La Tomatina… I can’t wait, it looks like so much fun! :)[br][br]Niki


yeah I’m going, I think around June 19th. I just checked out the site doitwithxs.com and it lists a whole lot of extreme activities that they offer there. Sounds like it will be a fun time


I’m doing this straight after the Grand European 22nd May; anybody on that one? Is it ok to be going alone do you think?


Hi Guys,[br][br]My friend and i are doing the Edinburgh trip - just after we get back from our Discover Europe Tour - starting the 11th of June. [br]Love to hear from anyone else who might be on either of these!!![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Siobhan.


Hi M myself and Scott from the USA are doing the Edinburgh trip the day after our Grand European finishes. Our departure from London is Tuesday the 19TH June. We should be used to everyone after 28 days travelling through Europe. Only 8 weeks to go from this Sunday until I fly out of Sydney on the 20th May - bring it on!!!


Hey Terry! [br][br]Does your grand euro leave london on the 19th June? or your edinburgh leave then??? [br][br]Em[br][br]Off to Europe in June!


Hey Em our Edinburgh 4 day trip starts on the 19th June after our Grand European finishes on the 18th June. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. Have a great trip.


Hey Em,[br][br]If you’re doing the edinburgh trip after your Grand European finishes on the 16th of Aug, we might be going around the same time. I’m heading off on the 21st of Aug, what about you?[br][br]Niki


Hey Terry - bummer! my grand euro finishes on 16th July… (starts 19 June)[br][br]Hey Niki - i think im booked to leave on the 17th july… maybe i could change it - as i think it would be better to go over a weekend! i thought they only left on tuesdays…[br][br]Off to Europe in June!


hey hey[br][br]just realised i said August… [br][br]I meant july!!! hahaha[br][br]grand euro 19 june - 16 July[br][br]Edinburgh 17th July! [br][br]:slight_smile: it was a friday afternoon - i was slightly brain dead and in need of a beer! [br][br]Emma[br][br]Off to Europe in June!


I am leaving for Edinburgh on the 9th of October


Hey Emma,[br][br]Haha that all makes a lot more sense now! You had me worried when you said you thought it only left on Tuesdays, cos that’s what I thought too. Turns out the 21st of August (my departure) and the 17th of July (your departure) are both Tuesdays![br][br]So I guess we’re missing each other by over a month now… hope you have a great time tho 8-)[br][br]Niki


Hi Siobhan[br]I’m doing the Edinburgh break leaving 11th June after the Summer fun and sailing tour.[br];DCharlie[br][br][br][quote]Originally posted by Siobhan[br]
Hi Guys,[br][br]My friend and i are doing the Edinburgh trip - just after we get back from our Discover Europe Tour - starting the 11th of June. [br]Love to hear from anyone else who might be on either of these!!![br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Siobhan.[br][/quote]


Hey Charlie,[br][br]Great to see someone else is coming too! We’ve also booked a day trip with Haggis if your looking to do something else! Email me at siobhan_tc@yahoo.com.au if you want any details!!![br][br]Not long to go now ;-)[br][br]Seeya, Siobhan.


Hey guys![br][br]I’m doing the special on 21st August - so it will be the last week of the Tattoo festival which should be great! So ya, if anyone else is going then it’ll be cool!![br][br]Otherwise, I read that someone asked if you go by yourself is it okay … yes, totally! I went last year and had a ball and met some lekker friends on the first night!