Edinburgh New year (Hogmanay 2019/2020)


Hey guys, just wondering if anyone out there is celebrating New Years with the Edinburgh New year (hogmanay) trip :slight_smile:


Hey! ill be going :slight_smile: cant wait!


Awesome! Are you starting in London? :slight_smile:


No , I’m doing the 4 day and meeting in Edinburgh :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! I’ll be going too! I’ll be there a few days earlier then going onto another tour. Super excited!!


Yay! Which trip are going on after, I am doing Winter Spirit after :smiley:


Thats awesome! I’ll be going to Rome to start the Winter Rhapsody tour. Where will you be coming from? I’m from Sydney :grinning:


From Perth :blush:


I am going!

Starting in London :slight_smile: