Edinburgh Mini Break


Has anyone actually gone on the Edinburgh mini-break yet or knows what the deal is? I’m just wondering about the coach trip. How long does it take to get there on the coach? What time does it leave and arrive on the Tuesday and back on the Friday? I’m not going till May so haven’t been sent any details on it yet.


im going in june and i have recieved my itinery already, the trip to edinburgh takes a long time, about 8 or so hours, its okay though, when you get there there are loads of things to do, take a look on the website, white water rafted, four wheelers, the castle, the nightclubs! and then you have time to sleep on the way back too. im going on the mini break on august 22…[br][br]take it easy, and if its easy, take it


hi,[br][br]is anyone else going to edinburgh on august 1st? my cus and i will be there right before the tattoo starts…