Edinburgh Mini Break 20th June


Hi[br][br]Anyone going on the Edinburgh Mini break dep 20th June 06?[br]Write to me if you are! or if you have been on it before would love to hear how you rated it.[br][br]Kylie


Hey Kylie,[br][br]My best mate and I are going on this mini break before we go on the Grand Euro tour starting July 7th. We are both Kiwis living in California right now. Cant’t wait until the adventure begins!!![br][br]Deena[br]


Hey[br][br]Thats great that you are going on the tour, we are going on the London to Athens camping trip so edinburgh is a few days after we get back. [br][br]We are flying up and back though because we managed to get it free with our rtw airfare but still staying with everyone else.[br][br]Living in California must have been a great experience a lot diff from NZ! Im from Christchurch but have been living in sydney for 5yrs.[br]