Edinburgh Hogmanay New Year 2012


Hey all!

I just booked on the Edinburgh Hogmanay New Years tour! Pretty excited! Anyone flying out of Australia booked? And what are you doing before and after the festival?


Hey Ash,

Will be going to Hogmanay for NYE, we are going to the French Alps for chrissy and will be headed back to London after for a few days before we hit the USA! :slight_smile:


Hey ash,

Im looking at heading to Edinburgh for new years as well… I fly into london on the 28th of dec and I start the winter spirit trip on the 3rd of jan :slight_smile:

Cant wait!!


Hi All

What Hogmanay tour did you all pick? The 4 day one dep on 30 Dec?

I’m thinking about doing this one :slight_smile:


Im booked in for the 4 day tour :slight_smile:

Cant wait!!