Edenburgh Mini-Break


Has anyone booked on the Edenburgh Mini-Break tour in early June 2007 after the Grand European tour that departs on 6 May 2007.[br][br]From kat 22


Hiya[br]I’m doing the Edinburgh break leaving 11th June after the Summer fun and sailing tour.[br]Charlie


it there any one doing this trip on 1st of may till 4th? would like to hear from anyone whos coming?[br][br]kiwee


Hi[br][br]My travel agent rang up Topdeck and asked if I had to book any activities for my Edenburgh Mini-Break before the tour. She found out that I did not have to book anything before the tour. Is this correct.[br][br]Could someone assist me.[br][br]If possible could a topdeck staff member assist me.[br][br]From kat22