Easy Jet


Has anyone used them before? And are they any good?


i have, they are pretty much like every other budget airline but i didn’t have any probs before


yeah i used them from Edinburgh to London - they were fine!


Flew London to Geneva with them. I’ve used RyanAir and Wizzair and reakon Easy Jet have been the best of the lot so far.[br]Christine :D[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009[br]Brugge Christmas Market Weekend 19-20 Dec 2009[br]Hogmany Edinbrugh 30 Dec 2009


Hi There, have always tended to use Easyjet because of their more straight forward pricing (ryanair tend to advertise a cheep flight then add on all the other bits like, taxes, baggage, check in if you dont do it online, they’re even looking at seatless erm seats. and tend to use out of the way airports. :s , [br]check others like British airways now to tho’ i got a cheep flight from Edinburgh to venice when i did my TD tour a couple months ago. their trying to drive passenger numbers so might get good prices.[br][br]Rob


Love Easyjet! But also check out www.skyscanner.com for flights as sometimes you can get cheaper flights on there which include baggage prices.


Make sure you check out Sky Scanner - sometimes BA is cheaper and they give you beer and food!


Easyjet is pretty basic but super cheap. I paid £60 return for flights from London to Nice, Venice to London.
You can’t go wrong!


OMG! Skyscanner.net is awesome! Thanks for the tip guys! ;D

Anybody got good sites for car hire in Europe?!