Eastern spirit starting in Rome 28th June 2017


Hey guys!

I’m bree from Sydney Australia and I’ll be on this tour with my sister. We’re in Rome for a couple of nights before the tour starts and are staying in London for a week after it ends. Anyone else going on this or on the full version of the tour? If so would love to hear from you guys! So keen for it :slight_smile:


Hey Bree! Chelsea here from the other add! thanks for replying! Was wondering if you would like to keep in contact? I would love to hear any tips you guys have since your right ahead of us! :slight_smile: I can’t wait!! If only we were a little closer as we are staying in the UK after our trip for a few weeks & doing ireland! xx


Hi girls, I’m Leanne I’ve just booked to do the Eastern Spirit tour for the same dates as you guys!! So excited!! I am 29, from Brisbane and will be travelling on my own. I am hoping to book flights in the next week or so and get in to Rome a few days before the trip starts aswell. Would love to chat about all things Eastern Europe with you guys!! Only 7 months and 22 days to go!! Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Leanne,
What’s the date your tour starts? Are you extending after too?
So excited I started paying off my flights the other day :grin:


Hi Bree,

My tour starts on 28 June in Rome at 2pm. My flight leaves Brisbane on 23 June gets into Rome 24 June so I have from 24 - 28 June in Rome to play with. I was looking into accommodation and the pick up for the tour seems to be about 45 mins out of Rome city centre so I might stay closer to the hotspots for the first few nights then head out to the pick up place on the 28th. What have you got planned? Will you be in Rome in the days leading up to the tour? I will probably fly from Amsterdam to Portugal on the last day rather than travel back to London as I’m meeting up with friends in Portugal. That’s exciting that you’ve started paying ur flights off! It’s all real for me now just confirmed and paid for my flights yesterday! Yahoo


Oh wow awesome someone finally on our tour !!

We leave Sydney 25th June and get to Rome the 26th! We’re about to book our Rome accomodation but thinking the place we get picked up from. And we’re spending a week in London after :smile:

So excited! It’s our first time to Europe and first time just traveling the pair of us. She’s 27 and I’m 21 but were the typical pair of sisters that share clothes and fight over petty stuff haha. Do you drink? She doesn’t so I’m keen to make drinking buddies!


Oh yeah, we’re planning a day trip for Italy somewhere…need to do that soon!
But should meet up for coffee or something when we’re there since half our tour will know each other already(the ones starting in London) it will be nice to know another face!


Yeah l’ll be definitely keen to try the local beverages! I’m sure we will find plenty of drinking buddies who are up for some shenanigans. That’s awesome you are doing a trip like this with you sister it will be such an amazing experience to have together!
This is my first time to Europe aswell. Yep let’s catch up before the tour starts maybe on the 27th I will come out to the accom where our tour gets picked up from and stay the night there so we can have a pre tour bevvy :ok_hand:


That sounds awesome !!
Ahh can’t wait :grin::grin: I’ll let you know when we book the rest of our Rome stuff !


Hi Leanne!
My sister and I just confirmed a booking for a Florence day trip on the 27/6!! We get back to Rome at 830pm and will be staying where the tour picks us up from. Hopefully you are too and we can arrange a drink or something then maybe explore some of Rome in the morning before the tour picks us up! We’re also going to the Vatican the afternoon of the 26/6 :smile:

Hope your bookings going well! Looking forward to more people posting before we leave hopefully !


Hey do you know if this trip meets up with mega European as I am going from Rome to Greece on this day 28th…


Hi Bree!
Florence sounds amazing! I have been looking for a day tour to go there aswell but can’t decide which one is a good one! I wanted to check out Pompeii but people keep telling me Pompeii is dangerous to go on my own so Im thinking Florence might be the better option for a day trip! Which tour are you doing??
I also wouldn’t mind a sneaky trip to the Amalfi coast but it might be a bit far away! Arrgghhh too much to see, too little time!! Haha


hey Leanne !

We wanted to go to pompeii too, but will have to give it a miss :frowning:
If you’re keen to do our florence trip and stay at the place that our Topdeck tour picks us up from the night before that would be awesome ! then were staying at that place the night after florence trip/before we get picked up for Topdeck !!

It’s called ‘Green Line Tours Fit’ maybe you’ll have to talk to your travel agent about it? It’s an all day tour which takes us to some museums and a leather factory! Looks awesome :smiley: (It’s $244(AUS) pp)

Hope your planning is going well !


Hey Bree! We are on the countdown now!! 69 days to go!!!
I’m just about to book my accom in London for the night that we finish the tour, r u guys staying at wombats hostel on that night? Also what type of room did u book at the camping village in Rome? I’m not sure which I should book! There’s too many options!
Cheers, Leanne


Hey Leanne!
Great to hear from you again. I’m so excited!!
We booked into wombats for that night then we move off to Kensington !
I honestly have no idea but I can ask if you can wait a few days for me to get a response off my travel agent?!
Hopefully you’re still down to hang the night before the tour starts, no one else has commented on this but the tour says it’s nearly full!!


Hey Bree, awesome I’ve just booked at wombats as well for that night, it will be a whirlwind 20 something hours in London as I fly to Athens the next day for a sailing trip! Hopefully I can fit in at least the Palace and Big Ben before I go the next day!!
That would be great if u could let me know what ur travel agent has booked for you in Rome, I’m thinking the bungalow is probably the go but not sure - it’s so different for me planning this trip as usually I have someone else travelling with me to agree about accom and food and places to go but not this time!
Totally keen to catch up the night before the trip! I will probably be at the camping village from the 24th June until we jump on the bus, it’s cheaper than staying in the CBD and they have a shuttle that goes in to Vatican City each day.
Hey add me on Facebook if u want to “Leanne Mathew” profile pic is me on the beach :smile: